Podcasts are a great way to consume digital information. They've become quite popular because you can listen to them anywhere, any time.

Podcasts deliver educational, entertaining, and engaging content on all kinds of topics – tech topics included. The hosts and their guests talk and share ideas, each in their own way, which makes every podcast different and interesting.

This post is a compilation of some of the best podcast channels available for free that focus on the Flutter framework.

Flutter is a popular cross-platform mobile application development framework that helps you build pixel-perfect UIs powered by the Dart programming language.

Its community is growing rapidly which means that every day there are more resources out there about the framework, like articles, podcasts, libraries, other tools.

The podcasts I've gathered in this article deliver all kinds of Flutter-related content including the journeys of some of the top Flutter experts. You should definitely subscribe and tune into them.

Flutter 101 Podcast


The Flutter 101 Podcast is one of the most popular podcast channels on Flutter. A large numbers of developers listen to it who are actively involved in the Flutter community.

It is a weekly podcast series hosted by Vince Varga and it focuses on Flutter development and its what's going on with the framework.

If you want to get the latest news and updates regarding Flutter development as well as learn the tech itself, then this is a good option for you.

It's all Widgets


It's all Widgets is a popular podcast channel created by Flutter developers from the Flutter community.

Along with all the latest news and updates from the Flutter ecosystem, it also delivers stories from Flutter contributors and practitioners.

The main focus lies in sharing inspiring stories of Flutter developers and how they got into the field. The podcast is hosted by Hillel Coren, Google Developer Expert for FlutterDev.

Flying High With Flutter


Flying High with Flutter is a weekly podcast channel that delivers episodes on the Flutter development ecosystem. It discusses anything and everything related to Flutter.

The primary focus is on real-world problems you might face while using Flutter but also includes daydream-inspired and challenging ideas on the Flutter community.

The podcast also invites expert guests in the Flutter field to share their background, experience, thoughts, and insights into the engaging Flutter world.

Learning Flutter


As the name suggests, the Learning Flutter podcast channel helps you learn Flutter/Dart programming.

In this Podcast hosted by Wilfried Mbouenda Mbogne, he shares stories about his Flutter adventures as a developer. The podcast also hosts other experts from the Flutter field to share their journeys in the Flutter world.

This podcast can be a source of inspiration for many mobile application developers.



CodeOn is a weekly podcast channel hosted by Tulsiram Mehtre, a GoogleDevExpert. His main goal is to help developers build high-quality applications quickly and efficiently.

This podcast channel not only delivers knowledge on Flutter but also covers intermediate to advanced lessons about JavaScript, Angular, Firebase, and modern app development. So you are getting the whole package each week.

Wrapping Up

The main goal of this article was to introduce you to some of the best podcast channels available for the Flutter development ecosystem.

I hope it's an invaluable resource for any mobile app developers out there. I recommend everyone to subscribe and tune in to these amazing Flutter-based podcasts to get up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the Flutter world.

Lastly, you can get inspiration for your Flutter app from others that are already out there.

Happy Coding!