Break The Code 2.0 is a new browser game that sends you back in time to the year 1999.

You complete codebreaking missions using your programming knowledge and your puzzle-solving intuition.

The game is spread across 4 drives worth of missions:

  • The /g1/ drive – "BoxOfChocolates"
  • The /g2/ drive – "Fight Club"
  • And the /g3/ and /g4/ drives, which you can unlock by solving the first two drives
The Windows 98-inspired interface of Break The Code 2.0. (And yes, in case you're wondering, Minesweeper is fully playable.)

Break The Code 2.0 is free, and you can play right inside your browser without installing anything.

Break The Code 2.0 was coded by a team of developers at .Tech Domains. It is a sequel to their codebreaking challenge from last year.

.Tech Domains have also given a grant for us to create a "Let's Play"-style walkthrough of the game.

In this walkthrough, freeCodeCamp software engineers Tom and Shaun work together to tackle some of the missions and crack some of the ciphers. (1 hour watch):

If you solve the puzzles before April 15, you may be eligible to win prizes worth up to $30,000.

The prize catalogue. The scorpion-shaped gaming throne may clash with the other furniture in your room. But it sure looks comfy.

This is a fun way to test your codebreaking skills while competing with other developers from around the world. Jump back in time to 1999 and take Break The Code 2.0 for a spin.