Building a file manager application is a great way to learn many important programming concepts.

We just published a 14-hour course on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to build and deploy a feature-rich file manager application using Laravel (the PHP framework), Inertia, and Vue.js.

This comprehensive course was created by experienced developer Zura Sekhniashvili, also known as The Codeholic. He has created many popular courses. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle a range of file management challenges, all while harnessing the potential of Laravel, PHP, Inertia, and Vue.js.

What You'll Learn

While building a file management application, you will gain expertise in various functionalities, including:

  • Creating folders to maintain a structured hierarchy.
  • Seamlessly uploading files and folders to the application.
  • Efficiently deleting and downloading files as needed.
  • Implementing robust search capabilities for locating files quickly.
  • Enabling file sharing to collaborate with others effectively.
  • Integrating Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 for secure file storage.
  • Deploying your finished project on a custom domain for the world to see.

Here are all the sections in the course:

  • Project Setup
  • Install Laravel Breeze
  • Email Verification
  • DB Overview, Models & Migrations
  • Explore Intertia Folder Structure
  • Authentication Layout
  • Define Main Routes
  • Create Root Folder On User Registration
  • Creating Folder
  • Save Folder Path
  • Show Files into table
  • Navigate into Second Level of Folders
  • Create Folders Inside Subfolder
  • Implement Breadcrumbs
  • Uploading Files
  • Show Human Readable File size
  • Show File Icons
  • Show File Progress
  • Display Error When File Already Exists
  • Implement Load More
  • Increase max_file_uploads
  • Deleting Files
  • Implement Downloading Files
  • Show Success Notifications
  • Implement Trash
  • Implement Favourites
  • Sharing Files to Others
  • Implement Shared With Me Page
  • Implement Shared By Me Page
  • Searching for Files
  • Connect to AWS S3
  • Download Files from S3
  • Project Deployment & Bug Fixing

Whether you're a seasoned developer looking to expand your skill set or a beginner eager to dive into the world of web development, this course has something for everyone. You can watch the full course on the YouTube channel (14-hour watch).