Web development has never been more exciting. The influx of new technologies and tools is reshaping the boundaries of what developers can create. At the epicenter of this transformation is the ability to integrate diverse systems seamlessly, creating powerful web applications.

We just published a course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel, that will teach you how to build and deploy a full stack Notion clone using a variety of technologies.

Elliott Chong created this course. He specializes in creating comprehensive tutorials on how to build AI powered applications.

Here are the core technologies you will use in the course:

NextJS 13's App Router: The latest iteration of NextJS's router, ensuring your application's routes are efficient and user-friendly.

DALLE AI Image Generation: Elevate your application's visual content by leveraging cutting-edge AI image generation capabilities.

Shadcn & Tailwind CSS: Create interfaces that not only look beautiful but also follow best coding practices.

OpenAI's API for Language Model: Integrate the prowess of OpenAI's language model, taking your application's user interaction to the next level.

ORMs: Dive deep into the art of interacting with databases, making data transactions smoother and more efficient.

The course guides viewers from the initial setup to deployment. Begin with an introduction and demo, navigate through various setup stages, delve into building the UI and APIs, and wrap up with deployment instructions.

Here are all the sections in the course:

  • Intro & Demo
  • Outline Knowledge
  • Set Up Project
  • Set Up shadcn
  • Set Up Clerk Auth
  • Landing Page
  • Dashboard UI
  • DrizzleORM
  • Create Note UI
  • OpenAI Generate Image Prompt
  • Create NoteBook API
  • Notebook Page UI
  • TipTap Editor & MenuBar
  • Debounce Save
  • AI Autocomplete
  • KBD UI
  • Firebase
  • Delete Note
  • Deploy & Outro

This tutorial is more than just a guide to building a web application. It's a journey through the evolving landscape of web development. You can watch the full course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (3-hour watch).