The world of artificial intelligence is ever-evolving, and the OpenAI API is at the forefront of it. As the technology becomes more sophisticated, it's imperative for developers and enthusiasts to understand and utilize its potential in various applications.

We just published an OpenAI API course on the YouTube channel. In this comprehensive video course, Ania Kubow, a renowned software developer and course creator, takes you on a deep dive into the fascinating world of the OpenAI API. With five engaging projects, you'll learn to create a ChatGPT clone, a DALL-E Image Creator, and a SQL Generator, among others.

Below are the sections included in this course.


The course kicks off with an insightful introduction, providing context and understanding of the OpenAI API and its potential applications.


Get to know the fundamentals of the API authentication process, a crucial aspect of working with the OpenAI API.


Explore the various models available within the OpenAI ecosystem and learn how to choose the most suitable one for your projects.

Text Completions

Master the art of generating text completions, which can be used to create chatbots, content generators, and more.

Creating effective prompts

Delve into the process of crafting effective prompts, an essential skill for obtaining meaningful results from the OpenAI API.

Chat Completions

Discover chat completions and how they can be utilized to create interactive and dynamic applications.

Chat Completion Projects

Get hands-on experience by building two chat completion projects using JavaScript, React, and Node.js.

DALL-E Model

Explore the revolutionary DALL-E model, capable of generating images from textual descriptions.

Image Generation

Learn the intricacies of image generation, including image variation and edits, to create stunning visuals using the OpenAI API.

Image Generation Projects

Build two image generation projects using JavaScript, React, Node.js, and the openai npm library to solidify your understanding of the DALL-E model.

SQL Generator Project

Apply your newfound knowledge by creating a SQL Generator project using TypeScript and Node.js.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your understanding of the OpenAI API and harness its incredible potential. With Ania Kubow's expert guidance and hands-on projects, you'll be well-equipped to create powerful applications in no time.

Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (5-hour watch).