Building apps can be much quicker with low-code tools. A low-code platform can give you pre-built UI components packed with functionality like tables, buttons, and text inputs. This allows you to skip the frontend templates and build your own quickly.

We just published a tutorial on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to build a B2B ecommerce app with Stripe, Postgres, and a REST API backend. And you will do this all with little to no code.

Ania Kubów developed this course. Ania is a software developer and popular instructor.

Ania will show you how to build an order management dashboard, an employee dashboard, and a developer portal. And you learn how to implement email integration into the apps.

All the application you create will be linked to a single database. These apps are similar to what you would see in a small- to medium-sized company.

Ania will take you through everything step-by-step. She will start with an explainer and then teach each app in three separate tutorials. By the end of the tutorial you will know how to build your own internal tools.

One of the apps you will build.

You will use the Retool platform to build the business tools. Retool is a drag-and-drop no-code editor with many of pre-built components to build internal CRUD (create, read, update, delete) apps as fast as possible. Retool provided a grant to make this course possible.

Retool provided a grant to make this course possible. Learn more at

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (2-hour watch).