Have you ever dreamt of designing a video game but found yourself hesitant because of the coding aspect? Well, you can create your own came without code!

We just released a course on the freeCodeCamp.org that will guide you through the creation of a wave defense game, all without having to delve into complex coding.

Wesley created this course. It is aimed at beginners and leverages the power of GDevelop - an open-source, free, and exceptionally user-friendly game engine that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. GDevelop opens up a world of opportunities for those who have a creative mind but might not necessarily have a background in programming.

A wave defense game, sometimes known as a "horde mode" or "tower defense" game (though there are distinctions between them), is a sub-genre of strategy video games where the main objective is to defend a particular point or object from waves of incoming enemies. These games typically challenge the player to manage resources, strategically place defenses, and react in real-time to the evolving threats posed by different types of enemy units. The game progresses in difficulty, with each new wave of enemies typically being stronger, faster, or more numerous than the previous wave.

Examples of wave defense games or games with wave defense modes include "Plants vs. Zombies," "Fortnite's Save the World," and "Call of Duty's Zombies mode."

This tutorial series is comprehensive, ensuring that you will grasp the essentials of game design with GDevelop. Here's what you will learn:

  • Basic Set Up: Start your journey by setting up your game environment.
  • Game Polish: Dive into the aesthetics and mechanics to make your game shine and feel finished.
  • Menus And Settings: Guide players with intuitive menus, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Leveling Up: Add depth to your game by introducing progressive levels and challenges.
  • Basic Enemies: Understand the logic and creation of simple adversaries.
  • Advanced Enemies: Up the ante by crafting challenging foes that will keep players engaged and on their toes.

So, head over to freeCodeCamp.org's YouTube channel now, and let Wesley King guide you through your first game design journey (2-hour watch).