Tim Myers is a developer from Denver. In the 1990s he finished high school and immediately enlisted in the US Army. When he got out, he started coding. He was working as a developer at an accounting firm when he got into a drunken brawl and ended up injuring somebody.

Tim was convicted of 2nd degree assault and got a 12 year prison sentence. He earned his college degree entirely while in prison, and was released after 8 years for good behavior.

He spent the next 3 years working various jobs like fast food while studying to get back into software development. And for the past 4 years, he's worked as software developer at several Denver companies.

I interviewed Tim about his long, hard road to software development.

We talk about Tim's struggles with depression, alcoholism, and the stigma that convicted felons carry with them long after they've paid their debt to society.

This should be a dark interview, but it really isn't. Tim is as candid and as stoic as they come. This is the uplifting story of how one US Army veteran restarted his career after prison, and how he started a family.

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Or you can listen to it or right here in your browser. Enjoy the interview.