WordPress is one of the most popular–and easiest–ways to create a website or blog.

People can make all kinds of websites with WordPress. Some popular types include business websites, eCommerce sites, portfolios, and blogs.

We just published a course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel that will teach you how to use WordPress to easily create responsive blogs and websites using a drag and drop interface.

I created this course. I've also created many other popular WordPress courses on the freeCodeCamp.org channel. This is the first one that focusses on creating a blog.

You don't need any prior experience to follow along and there is no coding involved.

There are many reasons to make a WordPress blog, but some of the most common reasons include: sharing ideas and thoughts with the world, building a personal brand, promoting a business, and making money through blogging.

The course demonstrates how to use Elementor and a template to make it super quick to make a blog.

Here are the sections in this course:

  • Setting up Hosting and Domain
  • Installing WordPress
  • WordPress Dashboard and Initial Settings
  • Installing WordPress Theme
  • Overview of Website
  • Customizing Title
  • Using Elementor to Edit Page
  • Adding Images
  • Customizing Website Elements
  • Updating Site Menu and Categories
  • Customizing Blog / Archive
  • Customizing Single Blog Post
  • Adding New Blog Post
  • Customizing About and Contact Page
  • Setting Up Website Forms Using WPForms
  • Making URLs Look Better
  • Updating Site for Responsive Design
  • Updating Footer
  • Creating New Pages
  • Improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Watch the full course below or on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (1.5-hour watch).