Hi! If you're new here, get to know a bit about me. It is important because I hold education in high regard, so I want you to make sure you're learning from the right person.

You probably have a lot of questions about this program, and how to enroll in it. I would like to answer all those questions in this article.

Who am I?

My name is Mehul Mohan, and I like to call myself a developreneur. This word has no meaning and I coined it a year back on my LinkedIn profile, as a blend of developer and entrepreneur. I like to make things using code and love the business and outreach side of it too. Hence, your developreneur :)

Anyway, I'm a full-stack developer working mostly with JavaScript and it's associated runtimes (Node/Electron/React Native). Make no mistake, I do not aim to brag, but just establish reasoning why you won't be wasting your time listening to my advice:

  1. I'm the author of two books - Learn ECMAScript and Advanced Web Development with React
  2. I'm a WWDC'19 scholarship winner – one of a few hundred people who attended Apple's WWDC 2019 conference in San Jòse, California for free :)
  3. I've worked as a security researcher in the past, and found bugs in Google, Microsoft, eSet, Sony, Invision, etc. You can find me in Google's Hall of Fame.
  4. I'm a developer YouTuber as well, running a YouTube channel called codedamn with 1100+ videos, 117K subscribers and 16 million views.
  5. I have a Computer Science Engineering bachelor's degree from BITS Pilani, one of the top universities in India.

Of course, feel free to stalk me all up on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter! Send a connection/follow request too :)

Why free mentorship?

In the process of providing value to the community, I have published tons and tons of free things. But unfortunately, no matter how good the work you're doing is, the first thing you have to do is to make yourself visible to the world

I received this great piece of advice from my friend and founder of freeCodeCamp, Quincy Larson. The other day when we were on a call, he told me about the importance of putting your product in front of people first. This way they won't pick bad paid options only to realize that better (free) options exist.

This got me thinking about how I can reach out to people and have a positive impact on the developer community at the same time. A lot of future developers with a lot of potential are giving up on development every day because they don't have the guidance they need and don't know which path to follow.

I want to start small but strong, and this is where I think I should start.

What can you expect?

I consider myself a jack of all trades and master of some, at least when it comes to web applications. I can help you out with all of these things:

  1. Getting into web development
  2. Your career choices
  3. Preparing for a job or interview for a startup or small business and teaching what goes into real-world development (not only DSA/competitive/"cracking" types of interviews)
  4. Web development questions/queries
  5. Containerization, Docker, and working with Linux systems
  6. Open-source
  7. CI/CD
  8. Becoming a better developer in general
  9. ...and more!

You son of a gun, I'm in


Awesome! Currently, we are running this as a WhatsApp group test. If you have WhatsApp installed on your phone, you can request to join this mentorship program by filling the following this Google form.

I hope this program is valuable to fellow developers who want to learn new skills or level up their current skillset. Let's get the ball rolling – I have so much I want to share.

Questions? Reach out to me on Twitter!

Talk to you soon!