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I recently stumbled upon a new GitHub repository that had a long list of tutorials about how to build many technologies. The list includes tutorials on how to Build your own Blockchain / Cryptocurrency, Web Server, Template Engine, and many more.

I stumbled upon this repository while browsing through the most popular GitHub repositories in a new Chrome tab using GitHunt. It is a really long list, and may overwhelm you a bit, but this repository is worth checking out. You can always watch it and come back to it. Maybe you need to learn something better by building it, or perhaps you’ll find some tutorial you need.

Here is the complete list that has been added to GitHub and made public by the author Daniel Stefanovic at the time of this writing.

Here, I’ll list/link to some of the articles from each category to give you an idea of what’s on offer:

Build your own 3D Renderer

Build your own Blockchain / Cryptocurrency

Build your own Bot

Build your own Database

Build your own Front-end Framework / Library

Build your own Docker

Build your own Game

Build your own Git

Build your own Neural Network

Build your own Network Stack

Build your own Operating System

Build your own Programming Language

Build your own Regex Engine

Build your own Shell

Build your own Template Engine

Build your own Web Server


I hope you find this repository helpful. I certainly did. You can contribute to the complete list on GitHub.

Happy learning!

This post was originally published on Medium.