Hello again, I’m Jess. I’ve been running free, online bootcamps around the freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Development and Javascript curricula since 2020.

I’m so excited to update the you all on how this has been going, while reminding you that we’ll be starting a free JavaScript bootcamp focused on the new JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures curriculum starting Monday the 12th of February (we’ve got an optional session Friday the 9th to say hi). It will run for 8 weeks until Friday the 5th of April.

We're wrapping up our Web Development Bootcamp on now, and prepping to start our JavaScript course. We would love to learn with you!

JavaScript Bootcamp

In our upcoming JavaScript bootcamp, we’ll be working through the new freeCodeCamp curriculum with you.

You’ll need some HTML and CSS skills to get the most of of this, so we recommend doing at least the first two weeks of the Responsive Web Design course. You can use this playlist of our past streams working on the Web Design lessons, if you want a little more support as you move through the material

This bootcamp will include streamed sessions explaining some (but not all!) of the lesson steps and projects in more detail. These will always be at the same time, but are available on YouTube if the livestream times aren’t a good fit for your schedule.

Please note that daylight saving time changes at different points in the year in Europe than in some other regions, so using this calendar is a good way to stay current.

We also offer a Discord for learner support and a subforum on the freeCodeCamp Forum, so that you always have someplace to go for help as you learn.

Because of the scale of these bootcamps, we’re not able to offer employment assistance or support as a part of these courses.

If you want to join us, you can follow the Bad Website Club Youtube channel or either of our Twitch Channels. Joining the Discord, saying hello in the Forums or adding the lessons to your calendar might also help you get ready to learn with us.

But there’s no application process, no waiting and no fees. Just join us when you want to learn with us. You can find all of the bootcamp info on our (bad) website at badwebsite.club.

Course Format

We’ll be running live-streamed lessons where we go over the freeCodeCamp course material and answer your questions live Monday to Friday at 5pm UTC (check here for what time that is where you’re based).

If this time isn’t good for you, the videos of the livestreams will be available any time. We also offer Discord and forum access to get help when you need it most.

Doing both these courses back to back will be a lot of work – but if you're up for it, you're welcome to do that. We're also happy to have you join us for just one course or a portion of any course.

Bad Website Club Philosophy

We think that learning to build things is hard enough already without putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect right away. We try and focus on building small, nice, imperfect things as we learn and can look forward to sharpening our skills to build better later.

We want to try to take the pressure off of learners. We don’t want you to feel like you’ve got to get everything right the first time, or learn everything there is to know about programming all at once. We just want to help support you as you learn the skills to make small, silly, strange things on the web and go on to become experts in your own time, sometime later.

How to Sign Up

There’s no signup process, tests, or application process. But if you want to keep up with what’s happening and when, here's what you can do:

How to get the most out of this bootcamp:

We think that our learners get the most out of these lessons when they commit to learning a little bit each day. You'll want to be familiar with core HTML concepts before joining us.

To make sure you’re remembering what you learn, we optionally suggest keeping a learning journal. And the 100 days of code challenge can be a great way to structure your learning.

Hope to see you soon!