We just published demos of several upcoming freeCodeCamp features and community initiatives. You can read about them here, and watch the entire Summit in the video embedded below.

Here's what we cover in this jam-packed one hour community update.

Announcement #1: Campfire Mode

We've built a new mode where you can get the pleasant sound of an acoustic guitar when you type code on freeCodeCamp. You'll also get musical feedback when you run your tests and complete challenges. Starting next week, you will be able to toggle this on when using freeCodeCamp's curriculum.

Hear San Francisco musician Devin Lane explain the sound design behind this new feature.

Announcement #2: The Data Science Curriculum Expansion

We are building 12 new certifications focused on math, computer science, and machine learning – all taught using Python.

We have already started bringing on experienced teachers using the funds we've raised from the community pledge drive.

Hear curriculum updates from two of these teachers, Kylie and Ed.

Announcement #3: The New Coder Survey

freeCodeCamp is conducting an in-depth survey of developers around the world. If you started coding within the past five years, we encourage you to take this survey. We designed it with privacy in mind, and it does not ask for any personally identifying information.

We will release the entire result dataset as open data once the survey is over, along with our own analysis of the data.

Hear about the New Coder Survey from Boston University PhD Candidate Dilan Eren.

Announcement #4: Chapter – A Self-Hosted Open Source Event Management Tool for Nonprofits

For the past year, we've been working on Chapter – a free self-hosted open source alternative to using Facebook Groups and Meetup.com. And we are thrilled to give the first-ever public demo of this tool.

We are making steady progress on this, and plan to roll this out to freeCodeCamp.org soon. Then other nonprofits will be able to host their own instance of this event management tool on their own servers.

Chapter will save nonprofits like freeCodeCamp thousands of dollars each year, and allow them to maintain control of their own data (instead of handing it over to a big platform that they don't control).

Watch the demo of Chapter in action.

Announcement #5: The freeCodeCamp Talks Channel

Developers give thousands of tech talks every year at conferences around the world. And now you can watch the best of those videos all in one place on the freeCodeCamp Talks channel.

This channel is curated by prolific freeCodeCamp teacher Ania Kubow.

Watch Ania explain the importance of this new freeCodeCamp Talks YouTube channel.

OK – you can watch the entire summit right here:

Oh, and be sure to take the 2021 New Coder Survey.

Happy coding. 😃