There are a lot of jobs available for frontend web developers. And you can learn all the skills you need to know without paying anything.

You probably already know about freeCodeCamp's free interactive curriculum that will teach you the skills you need to become a fullstack web developer. But we also have plenty of videos that will teach you web development skills on the YouTube channel.

And we just published a 21-hour bootcamp video course that will teach you the core skills you need to know to become a frontend web developer. The course will teach you JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Zach Gollwitzer teaches this course. Zack is an experienced software engineer and a fullstack developer. He is also an excellent instructor.

In this massive course, you will go from no coding experience to having the essential skills of a frontend web developer. You will learn various web development technologies and create a few projects along the way.

Here are the sections covered in this massive course:

  • Your first JavaScript program
  • What is JavaScript?
  • JavaScript variables
  • Basic JavaScript challenges
  • JavaScript operators
  • More JavaScript challenges
  • JavaScript functions, conditionals, loops
  • Beginner JavaScript practice problems
  • Built-in JavaScript methods
  • Callback functions
  • JavaScript primitives
  • JavaScript Dates
  • Regular Expressions
  • JavaScript String methods
  • JavaScript Array methods
  • Math utilities with JavaScript
  • Error types and other JavaScript concepts
  • 10 Beginner / Intermediate JavaScript practice problems
  • HTML Crash Course
  • "About me page" HTML challenge
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • HTML + JavaScript "Meme Generator" challenge
  • CSS Crash Course
  • The CSS Box Model
  • Most common CSS properties
  • Frontend Mentor CSS "Pricing Card" challenge
  • Introduction to responsive web design
  • CSS Flexbox Crash Course
  • Frontend Mentor CSS Flexbox "Testimonials" challenge
  • Final thoughts and next steps

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (21-hour watch).