As a developer, you need ways to showcase your skills to potential employers. There's no better way of doing this than a dedicated portfolio page. It gives you full control of how you'd like to present yourself.  And since you are a developer, you might as well make a portfolio website yourself.

In this course on the YouTube channel, Kevin Powell will take you through every single step of building a portfolio website. Kevin has taught tens of thousands of people web development through his YouTube channel and online courses.

First, you will learn how to set things up and build the basic structure of the portfolio page using HTML. Then, you will learn how to build the different sections of the page. Next, you will learn how to style the page using CSS and customize it with your personal style. After the styling is complete, you will learn how to use basic JavaScript to add additional functionality.

The course covers many HTML and CSS topics including flexbox, grid, and custom properties. While teaching how to do everything, Kevin will also explain why he does things so you will have a better understanding of how to apply these concepts to your own projects.

Finally, you will learn how to deploy the page to Digital Ocean using FTP. You will end up with a live website upon completing the course!  The site is built without using any web frameworks, so the only prerequisites for this course are basic HTML and CSS skills.

After finishing the course, you can take everything you learn and apply it to a React or Vue site. Or you can use what you learn to build a site with a static generator.

Check out the course below or on the YouTube channel (2 hour watch).