A hanging indent is an easy way to make your documents look more professional. Google Docs has built in functionality to create this.

What is a Hanging Indent?

A hanging indent is a type of indentation where the first line of a paragraph is not indented, but subsequent lines in the same paragraph are indented.

Here is an example of what a Hanging Indent looks like:


In Google Docs, you can create a hanging indent by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Select the text you want to format. You can do this by triple-clicking the paragraph.


Step 2: Click the "Format" menu. Then choose "Align and Indent". Then choose "Indentation options."


Step 3: From this menu, you can choose "Hanging." If you want, you can specify by how much you want to indent. For this tutorial, I've left that value at the default value of 0.5.


And presto! You have a sophisticated-looking paragraph that uses hanging indentation.

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