In this article, we will discuss how to push a commit in Git without making any changes.

Git makes this process of pushing an empty commit super simple. It's like pushing a regular commit, except that you add the --allow-empty flag.

git commit --allow-empty -m "Empty-Commit"

You will now need to push this to the main directory. To do this, you can use this command:

git push origin main

You can see that the commit has been pushed to your branch without any changes after running the above commands.

Why would you need push an empty commit?

It's possible that you'll need to start a build without making any changes to your project. Or you may not be able to manually initiate the build. The only method to start the build is to use Git. You can start your build without making any modifications to the project by pushing an empty commit.

That's a wrap! Isn’t it so simple? 🥳

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