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About this Advent Calendar

Welcome to 24 Days of JavaScriptmas, an Advent Calendar that gives you a small JavaScript challenge every day throughout December.

2020 has been a rough one for aspiring software developers. In addition to the health costs that have affected so many of us, junior developers have faced an increasingly difficult job market.

Many experienced developers were laid off this year, and therefore applied for the same jobs junior developers were hoping to get.

I am convinced that this pandemic eventually will result in more demand for developers, as it pushes industries online. But right now, we seem to be in a tricky transition period.

So to help aspiring developers be better prepared for 2021, we have created an advent calendar called 24 Days of JavaScriptmas πŸŽ„

From December 1st and until Christmas Eve, you will get a small coding challenge to help you improve your JavaScript skills a little bit every single day.

The challenges start off pretty simple, and then ramp up throughout the month. If you stick with it all the way to Christmas Eve, you will definitely increase your chances of landing a junior developer job in 2021. Because training your core JavaScript skills is the best investment you can do towards that.

The Teacher: Dylan "Claus" Israel

All the challenges have been created by online coding instructor Dylan Israel. He has appeared both on freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel and podcast previously, so you might already know Dylan.

But what you probably didn't know is that Dylan takes on a completely different job at the end of each year, as proven by the picture below πŸ‘‡


Now, let's have a look at what kind of challenges Dylan "Claus" Israel has created for you this year.

The challenges: core JavaScript skills

The challenges have been created to help you increase your core JavaScript skills. This is something all web developers need to practice, regardless of which framework they use.

So you'll often find yourself manipulating Arrays, changing Strings, comparing Numbers and so on throughout the advent calendar. In general, they're things you'd often do as a professional web developer.

All challenges come in the form of Scrimba screencasts, or scrims. This makes it simple for you to both understand the instructions and code your solutions, as you do both activities inside the scrims.

Ok, but what's a scrim? πŸ€”

A scrim is a mix between a code editor and a video. Think of it as if YouTube and VS Code had a child. This means that you can pause the "video" it at any given time and edit the code directly in the player. It's almost as if you are pair-programming with the teacher.

So you simply "take over" for Dylan at the end if the scrim and start coding your solution inside the scrim.

Once the test suite goes from ❌ to βœ…, you have solved the challenge.

If you manage to solve it, I would recommend that you share your solution on Twitter under the #JavaScriptmas hashtag. This hashtag will serve as a way for the community to check out each others' solutions.

If you didn't manage to solve the challenge, no worries. Dylan will provide the solution the following day. But I encourage you to give it an honest shot, as we will pick a daily winner amongst the submissions who will get free access to Scrimba for a year, plus a grand prize on Christmas Eve.

To give everyone a chance to win - regardless of skill-level - we will pick a random winner from the submissions. So you are actually only competing against yourself. If you increase your JavaScript proficiency as a consequence of this advent calendar, you are a winner. πŸ‘

The first challenge is already live, so head over to 24 Days of JavaScriptmas right now and get started growing those JavaScript skills. And make sure to bookmark this article, as I'll update it every day with the newest challenge.

Merry Christmas! πŸŽ…πŸ»