The freeCodeCamp community uses Discord for real-time chat.

First please read our 200-word Code of Conduct. This governs the entire freeCodeCamp community.

You can join our community Discord here.

Note that, while you can get programming help in chat, it's much easier to do this on the freeCodeCamp forum, where many common programming questions have already been answered.

A screenshot of freeCodeCamp's forum showing its "Your topic is similar to..." feature. This feature single-handedly saves developers thousands of hours each month by answering their question before they even ask it.

This said, it's impossible to deny the appeal of chat. You get immediate feedback from people all around the world. Many great friendships have blossomed over discussions in chat rooms.

We are excited to provide a fun, safe place for you to meet other developers around the world and bond over programming and technology.