• We just launched a new chat server owned entirely by the freeCodeCamp community.
  • The chat has a fast mobile app experience, web app, and native desktop client.
  • Unlike Discord and Slack, it isn't blocked in any countries.
  • You can sign in with your freeCodeCamp account and chat with campers around the world in English, Spanish, and Chinese. (And soon other languages as well.)

As you may know, the freeCodeCamp community has used a lot of different chat room tools over the years. Here's the full list:

  • 2014: Hipchat
  • 2015: Slack
  • 2015: Gitter
  • 2020: Discord

Each of these chat room systems has had its own drawbacks. So we continued our search for the ideal tool.

Which is why I'm thrilled to announce that we've launched freeCodeCamp Chat, our own chat server, right on freeCodeCamp.

How is freeCodeCamp Chat Architected?

freeCodeCamp Chat is completely self-hosted, just like our forum. Our community has 100% control over the data. There are no mega corporations involved. Just our nonprofit.

We also don't have to worry about the platform itself shifting under our feet.

I am a huge fan of standing on the shoulders of giants. Where possible, freeCodeCamp makes use of robust open source projects instead of trying to maintain our own custom solutions. Some examples of this:

As a result, our community has full control over the code and the data. We also benefit from outside developers who are working to expand and improve these tools.

This way, our contributors can stay focused on creating learning resources and maintaining freeCodeCamp's core learning platform.

How is freeCodeCamp Chat organized?

This is the current chat room server home page. Once you sign in, you will be able to see all the public rooms, and create special-purpose private rooms of your own to chat with friends you make in the community.

Unlike Slack or Discord, you can join whichever channels are of interest to you and completely ignore the rest.

We will gradually add new channels as more people join the server. We could eventually have hundreds of rooms here in dozens of world languages. But in the beginning, we want to build up a critical mass of discussion in just a few key chat rooms.

Like the freeCodeCamp forum, freeCodeCamp Chat is a safe, inclusive place for all reasonable, non-toxic people around the world. All of these rooms follow our no-nonsense freeCodeCamp Code of Conduct.

We have a team of moderators in different time zones who strictly enforce these rules.

And we are building out lots of bots and other tools to make the chat an even more productive place to learn about programming and technology.

How can I install the iPhone / Android App?

We have both iOS and Android apps for freeCodeCamp Chat. You just need to download the app and specify https://chat.freecodecamp.org as the chat server.

You can then sign in using your freeCodeCamp account.

What will happen to the old Discord and Gitter chat rooms?

We will leave these unofficial chat rooms be, and do our best to continue to moderate them.

We will let people know about freeCodeCamp Chat, but we will let them continue to use these older tools even after the community has officially moved on. Then people can pick up freeCodeCamp Chat whenever they feel ready.

How can I start chatting?

You can join whichever channels you want and introduce yourself. You can log in with your freeCodeCamp account (or create one in a few clicks if you don't have one yet).

From there, you can branch out into other rooms, make friends, and start building a support network for your studies.

Note that, while you can get programming help in chat, it's much easier to do this on the forum, where many common programming questions have already been answered.

A screenshot of freeCodeCamp's forum showing its "Your topic is similar to..." feature. This feature single-handedly saves developers thousands of hours each month by answering their question before they even ask it.

This said, it's impossible to deny the appeal of chat. You get immediate feedback from people all around the world. Many great friendships have blossomed over discussions in chat rooms.

We are excited to provide a fun, safe place for you to meet other developers around the world and bond over programming and technology.