Developers give thousands of tech talks every year at conferences around the world. And now you can watch the best of those videos all in one place, right from the comfort of your couch.

Today the freeCodeCamp community is launching a new YouTube channel called freeCodeCamp Talks.

This channel is curated by the freeCodeCamp community. All of the videos are completely free, and we don’t even show any ads on them.

We’ve already posted a few videos there:

SVG can do THAT?! by Sarah Drasner
How to Write Technical Blog Posts, by Quincy Larson (that’s me)
Why software engineers disagree about everything, by Haseeb Qureshi
Troublshooting Code: A Lost Art, by Leon Fayer
CSS Grid Changes EVERYTHING, by Morten Rand-Hendriksen

We’re publishing new talks on software development, design, and data science every week.

If you’re learning to code, you can subscribe to this channel for free. Also be sure to click the little “bell” to turn on notifications YouTube will let you know when we post new videos.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of the videos on freeCodeCamp Talks licensed as Creative Commons?

Most of the videos on freeCodeCamp Talks are Creative Commons licensed. For all other videos, we get special permission from their creators to publish them.

I gave a talk at [conference]. Can you publish it on freeCodeCamp Talks?

We may be able to publish it! Email us at

We record talks at our regular freeCodeCamp study group events. Can you publish these?

Email us at We will give priority to excellent talks from campers!

I saw an amazing talk recently. How can I recommend it for the channel?

If it’s Creative Commons-licensed, send us a link to the talk at If it isn’t, we may still be able to track down the conference organizer and try to get permission from them.

Who’s in charge of freeCodeCamp Talks?

Long-time freeCodeCamp contributor Beau Carnes is running this new channel. Beau is a Michigan-based school teacher turned software developer, and father of three.


Beau is editing these videos, creating their iconic thumbnail images, and publishing them on the freeCodeCamp Talks channel.

What about the original freeCodeCamp YouTube channel?

It’s still going strong! We’re publishing several videos each week there, including lots of step-by-step programming tutorials. You can subscribe to it for free here.

How else can I contribute to the freeCodeCamp Talks channel?

The easiest way to contribute to the channel is to provide captions and translations for these talks.

Even though all of these talks so far are in English, many people in the freeCodeCamp community do not speak English as their first language. Also, there are quite a few people learning to code who are completely deaf.

YouTube automatically creates captions for videos, but they aren’t very good. Some deaf members of the freeCodeCamp community jokingly refer to these auto-captions as “craptions.”

By contributing captions, you’ll be helping these developers better understand these videos. You’ll also make it easier for other contributors to translate these captions into other languages.


The first step to providing captions or translations is to navigate to a specific video that you want to help with. Next, click the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the video. Select “Subtitles/CC,” then “Add Subtitles/CC.”


At this point, you select a language. This will usually be English, unless you want to provide a translation into another language.


If YouTube has auto-generated subtitles, they will show up. All you need to do is watch the video and edit the auto-generated subtitles (or blank text boxes) to make them more accurate.

After you finish, just click “Submit contribution.”


I hope you learn as much from these talks as I am. One final tip: if you’re in a hurry, you can speed up these talks and watch them in half the time.

Just click the gear icon on a YouTube video, select “speed”, then set it to whatever multiple you’d like.


Have a fun, productive week, and happy coding!