Java is the most popular programming language according to the TIOBE Index. Learn how to program in Java in this full course from Tim Ruscica.

This is a complete Java course meant for absolute beginners. No prior programming experience is required.

Here are the topics covered in the course.

  • Variables & Data Types
  • Basic Operators
  • Input and Scanners
  • Conditions and Booleans
  • If/Else/Else If
  • Nested Statements
  • Arrays
  • For Loops
  • For Loops (Continued)
  • While Loops
  • Sets and Lists
  • Maps & HashMaps
  • Maps Example
  • Introduction to Objects
  • Creating Classes
  • Inheritance
  • What Does STATIC Mean?
  • Overloading Methods & Object Comparisons
  • Inner Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Enums

You can watch the full video course on the YouTube channel (4 hour watch).