As a software developer, staying up-to-date with evolving technologies is a cornerstone of your career.

C# is a powerful language that has continued to evolve and transform the landscape of software development. If you are a programmer with some experience in C# and looking to deepen your knowledge, then you’ve come to the right place.

We just published an advanced C# course on the YouTube channel. The course was developed by Gavin Lon. Gavin is an experienced developer and freeCodeCamp team member.

The course curriculum is structured to ensure a seamless learning experience, as it covers an array of sophisticated C# topics that are essential for the modern developer.

Course Overview

  1. Introduction and Course Overview: The course starts with an introduction and an overview to set the stage for the exciting learning journey ahead.
  2. In-Depth Study of Delegates: The delegates section is an extensive exploration that lays the foundation for understanding the role and importance of delegates in C#. You will be exposed to practical examples, learn about the different types of delegates, and understand how asynchronous programming is realized through delegates.
  3. Mastering Events in C#: Following delegates, the course tackles events in C#. This sections starts with an introduction to the intricacies of events and concludes by teaching how events integrate into design patterns like the Observer Pattern.
  4. Unraveling Generics: Generics are powerful features in C# that are essential for type-safe code. This section takes you through the basic concepts, constraints in generics, and how delegates and events can be used with generics. It also covers how generics play a crucial role in design patterns.
  5. Asynchronous Programming with Async/Await: Here, the course delves into asynchronous programming which is fundamental for writing efficient and responsive applications. You'll learn the best practices, how to manage tasks, and handle cancellations effectively.
  6. Demystifying LINQ: The Language Integrated Query (LINQ) section gives you insights into querying data effectively. This part covers the different operators available, how to create queries, and efficiently utilize LINQ for data manipulation.
  7. Attributes and Reflection in C#: Gavin explores how to use attributes in C# and how reflection allows you to inspect and interact with object metadata at runtime.
  8. Journey through .NET: The course concludes with a focus on the evolution of the .NET framework, from .NET Core to the newer versions of .NET, giving you insights into the direction and future of C# and .NET technology.

With hands-on examples and best practices, this course will pay dividends in your journey as a C# developer. Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (15-hour watch).