Business is becoming increasingly data driven and this data needs to be visualized to make it easier to understand. Data Visualization is a growing field with many opportunities.

We've released a comprehensive 17-hour course on data visualization that is perfect for anyone new to the field. The course focusses on visualizing data using D3.js, JavaScript, and React.

Curran Kelleher developed this course. Curran previously created one of the most popular data visualization courses on the internet and now he has completely redone and improved the course. This course comes out of his extensive experience developing data visualizations and teaching new developers.

You will learn how to conceptualize, design, and build interactive data visualizations with Web technologies.

Here is the list of topics covered in this thorough course:

  • What is Data Visualization
  • Finding Visualizations
  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • Let's Make a Face Part I (HTML, CSS, SVG)
  • Let's Make a Face Part II (React)
  • Let's Make a Face Part III (React & D3)
  • Let's Make a Face Part IV (React Components & ES6)
  • Let's Make a Face Part V multiple files with ES6 modules
  • Let's Make a Face Part VI (Compartmentalizing Complexity)
  • Preparing Data for Visualization
  • Loading Data with Fetch, Promises, Aync & Await
  • Interaction With React
  • Parsing CSV Data with D3
  • Loading Data in React
  • Inputs for Visualization: Data & Tasks
  • Iterating Fast with Vega Lite API
  • Marks & Channels
  • Visualizing Data with React & D3
  • Making a Bar Chart with React & D3
  • Margins and Axes
  • Refactoring a Bar Chart
  • Stylized Bar Chart
  • Making a Scatter Plot
  • Working with Time
  • Making a Line Chart
  • Preparing Geospatial Data
  • Making a World Map with React & D3
  • Menus with React
  • Scatter Plot with Menus
  • Polished Scatter Plot with Menus
  • Scatter Plot with Color
  • Making a Color Legend
  • Interactive Color Legend
  • Points on a Map
  • Using Size
  • Missing Migrants
  • Missing Migrants Part II: Aggregation by Month
  • Missing Migrants Part III: On a Map
  • Multiple Views
  • Why Use Modules
  • Multiple Views Cleanup
  • Multiple Views with Brushing
  • React Performance Optimization
  • Choropleth Map
  • Log Scales
  • Making a Choropleth Map
  • Basic Line Chart Project
  • Line Chart with Marker Lines
  • React & D3 Axes with useRef and D3 axis
  • Line Chart with Log Scale and Labels
  • Line Chart with Multiple Colored Lines
  • Line Chart with Voronoi Overlay
  • Line Chart with Voronoi Tooltips
  • Organization Graph Diagram

Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (17-hour watch).