Django is the most popular full-stack web framework for Python. It helps people create web apps quickly.

We just released a 7-hour course that will teach you how to use the newest version of Django to create web apps. The course also covers pandas, matplotlib, JavaScript, ajax, xhtml2pdf, dropzone.js, and more.

Luke from pyplane developed this course. He is an experienced software developer and he has created many popular courses.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Django concepts (models, views, templates, signals, and more)
  • pandas dataframes
  • matplotlib and seaborn integration
  • pdf integration
  • JavaScript ajax integration
  • dropzone.js for csv files
  • working with base64
  • and more!

This course is for beginners. The only prerequisite is that you have some Python experience.

Here are all the sections in this comprehensive course:

  • Django Project Setup Part 1
  • Django Project Setup Part 2
  • Django Project Setup Part 3
  • Customer Model
  • Product Model
  • Profile Model + Post_save Signal
  • Sale Model
  • M2m_changed Signal
  • Reports Model
  • First View And Template
  • Working On The Sales List
  • Navigating To The Detail Page
  • Creating The Search Form
  • Get The Data From The Search Form
  • First Querysets And Dataframes
  • Display Dataframes In The Templates
  • Dataframe For The Positions
  • Get The Sales Id For Position Objects
  • The Apply Function
  • Merge Dataframes
  • Perform Groupby
  • Working On The Charts Part 1
  • Working On The Charts Part 2
  • Hello World From The Console
  • Adding The Modal
  • Add The Report Form To The Modal
  • Add The 'results by' Field
  • No Data Available Alert
  • Add The Chart To The Modal
  • Create Report Objects
  • Adding Alerts To The Modal
  • Report List And Detail Page
  • Working On The Report List
  • Working On The Report Detail
  • First Pdf
  • The Report Pdf
  • Add Dropzone + Favicon
  • Working On The Dropzone Js Part 1
  • Working On The Dropzone Js Part 2
  • Uploading CSVs
  • First Objects From File
  • Improving The Dropzone
  • Dropzone Js Final Touches
  • Adding My Profile
  • Working On My Profile
  • Authentication
  • Protecting The Views
  • Adding The Navbar
  • The Forgotten Sale Detail Page
  • Outro + Next Steps

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (7-hour watch).