In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, staying ahead of the curve is important for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. And one of the most popular elements of AI right now is Generative AI.

We just posted a comprehensive course about Generative AI on the YouTube channel. This course, originally presented live, is designed to take learners on a complete journey through the world of generative models, exploring the different ways artificial intelligence can produce text and visual content.

Course Overview

Led by three experts in the field of AI, Krish Naik, Sunny Savita, and Boktiar Ahmed Bappy, the course is structured over 13 days, with each day focusing on a unique aspect of generative AI and its applications. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect:

  • Days 1-2: The course kicks off with an introduction to the Generative AI Community and OpenAI, laying the foundational knowledge about the OpenAI API, a critical tool in AI development.
  • Days 3-5: Learners will dive into LangChain and its integration with the Hugging Face API, emphasizing memory in LangChain to build more cohesive AI models.
  • Days 6-7: The course ramps up with a hands-on project utilizing OpenAI & LangChain, guiding students through the development and deployment phases of a generative AI project.
  • Days 8-10: A deep dive into Vector Databases for AI and mastering these with tools like Pinecone and ChromaDB, essential for handling complex AI data efficiently.
  • Day 11: Introduction to Meta Llama 2, exploring the latest advancements in generative models.
  • Days 12-13: An intensive two-part series on building an end-to-end medical chatbot project, demonstrating real-world applications of generative AI.
  • Special Sessions: Additional insights on everything you need to know about Gemini Pro LLM Models and an end-to-end generative AI project using Google Gemini Pro. The course culminates with a webinar on the Generative AI Revolution, forecasting the future of AI.

Why This Course Stands Out

What makes this course particularly noteworthy is the blend of theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on projects. Participants will not only learn about the frameworks and models that underpin generative AI but will also apply this knowledge in real-world projects, from AI-driven chatbots to advanced applications using Google Gemini Pro.

The instructors bring a wealth of experience and insights to the table. Krish Naik, Sunny Savita, and Boktiar Ahmed Bappy are known for their expertise and have a knack for breaking down complex concepts into understandable segments, making this course suitable for learners at various levels.


This course offers a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts, providing all the tools needed to navigate the world of generative AI. Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (30-hour watch).