JavaScript is the one of the most popular programming languages. We have released a full video course where you can learn JavaScript by building 7 retro grid-based games.

When you learn by building projects, you can immediately see how the code works in a real-world situation. And by the end of this course from Ania Kubow, you will have 7 great projects for your career portfolio. Each game taught in this course is created with minimal styling for you to take and make your own.

You will learn the basics of JavaScript by creating the following seven games:

  • Memory Game
  • Whack-a-mole
  • Connect Four
  • Snake
  • Space Invaders
  • Frogger
  • Tetris

Here are a few of the JavaScript methods and functions you will learn about in this course:

  • querySelector()
  • addEventListener()
  • Array.from()
  • getElementsByClassName()
  • Math.floor()
  • Math.random()
  • forEach()
  • classList.contains()
  • classList.add()
  • classList.remove()
  • setInterval()
  • clearInterval()
  • some()
  • style.backgroundImage
  • splice()
  • concat()
  • appendChild()
  • Arrow functions

Watch the course below or on the YouTube channel (2 hour watch).