JavaScript can be used to develop a bunch of different types of games. And games created with JavaScript can run on almost any device with a web browser.

We just published a 10-hour JavaScript game development course on the YouTube channel. You will learn to make 2D games with HTML, CSS & plain vanilla JavaScript, using no frameworks and no libraries!

Frank Dvorak developed this course. He has created many popular JavaScript courses on a variety of platforms. Frank specializes in creative coding with vanilla JavaScript and HTML canvas.

Frank will teach you step-by-step explaining each technique on a small standalone codebase and then he will teach you to use everything you learned to make a single final game.

You will create this game in the course.

This course is made out of 9 separate projects. In this series of projects you will learn everything you need to make your own 2D animated games, from sprite animation to state management.

Here are the projects and sections featured in this course:

  • Project 1: Vanilla JavaScript sprite animation techniques
  • Project 2: Parallax backgrounds
  • Project 3: Enemy movement patterns
  • Collision detection between rectangles
  • Collision detection between circles
  • Project 4: Collision animations from a sprite sheet
  • Project 5: Point & shoot game
  • Project 6: Enemy variety
  • Project 7: Side-scroller game with mobile support
  • Project 8: State management
  • Project 9: Final endless runner game with all the features

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (10-hour watch).