Jenkins is an open source automation server which makes it easier to build, test, and deploy software.

We just published a video course on the YouTube channel that will teach you about Jenkins by showing you how to build a CI/CD pipeline for a web application.

Gwendolyn Faraday developed this course. Gwen is an experienced software developer and she has created a bunch of popular courses on both her own channel and the freeCodeCamp channel.

Besides Jenkins, the project in this course also uses these other technologies:

  • Debian servers running on Linode
  • Docker & Dockerhub
  • Github
  • Some command line for settings things up

Jenkins can help developers automate their software development process and improve their productivity. It can also help users obtain a fresh build of their software project more easily. Jenkins is an important tool for creating a DevOps pipeline.

A DevOps pipeline is a set of processes and tools that enable the continuous delivery of software applications. The term "DevOps" is a combination of the words "development" and "operations." DevOps pipelines are used to automate the build, test, and deploy phases of the software development life cycle.

The project in this course features the following architecture.


Here are all the sections covered in this course:

  • Course Overview
  • What is Jenkins?
  • Terms & Definitions
  • Project Architecture
  • Linode Intro
  • Setting Up Jenkins
  • Tour of Jenkins Interface
  • Installing Plugins
  • Blue Ocean
  • Creating a Pipeline
  • Installing Git
  • Jenkinsfile
  • Updating a Pipeline
  • Jenkins with nom
  • Docker & Dockerhub
  • Closing Remarks

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (1-hour watch).