Are you looking to create professional-looking documents with ease? Look no further than the world of LaTeX. LaTeX is a typesetting system that enables users to produce high-quality documents, such as academic papers, scientific publications, and even books.

We just published a beginner's course on the YouTube channel that will teach you the basics of LaTeX and help you become comfortable with its many features.

Michelle Krummel created this course. She is a National Board Certified Teacher with two Master's Degrees plus additional certification in Gifted Education. She has 20 years of teaching experience and has taught Advanced Placement courses for 16 years.

The course consists of nine sections.

Section 1: Creating a LaTeX Document

This section is perfect for those who are new to LaTeX. You will learn how to create a document from scratch, including how to create a title, sections, and subsections. Additionally, you will be introduced to the basics of LaTeX syntax.

Section 2: Common Mathematical Notation

LaTeX is widely used in academia, and mathematical notation is a key component of many documents. This section will teach you how to use LaTeX to create complex mathematical formulas and equations with ease.

Section 3: Brackets, Tables, and Arrays

LaTeX offers a wide range of formatting options, including brackets, tables, and arrays. This section will teach you how to use these formatting options to make your documents more readable and organized.

Section 4: Creating Lists

LaTeX allows you to create a variety of lists, including bulleted, numbered, and descriptive lists. In this section, you will learn how to create and format lists in LaTeX.

Section 5: Text Document Formatting

LaTeX is not just for mathematical notation; it can also be used to format text documents. This section will teach you how to format your text documents using LaTeX, including font size and style, text alignment, and more.

Section 6: Packages, Macros, and Graphics

LaTeX offers a range of packages and macros that can enhance your documents. This section will teach you how to use packages and macros, as well as how to include graphics in your documents.

Section 7: Errors and Debugging

No matter how experienced you are with LaTeX, you are bound to encounter errors at some point. This section will teach you how to identify and fix common LaTeX errors.

Section 8: TeXmaker and Overleaf Tips

TeXmaker and Overleaf are popular LaTeX editors. This section will provide you with tips and tricks for using these editors to their full potential.

Section 9: Calculus Notation

Calculus notation can be complex, but LaTeX makes it easy. This section will teach you how to use LaTeX to create calculus notation, including integrals and derivatives.


LaTeX is a powerful tool for creating professional-looking documents, and this beginner's course is the perfect place to start. Whether you are new to LaTeX or looking to expand your knowledge, this course will give you the skills you need to create impressive documents.

Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (4.5 hour watch).