Are you looking to enhance your data skills and become proficient in SQL? We just posted a comprehensive, 11-hour SQL course on the YouTube channel. It will teach you to handle complex database queries.

Vlad Gheorghe created this course. He is a senior data engineer and the perfect person to teach this course.

What the Course Offers

This video course is great for those who are new to SQL and programming. Familiarity with spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets can be helpful, but it's not required. The course is divided into two main sections: theory and practice, ensuring a balanced approach to learning.

Theory: This part covers the fundamentals of SQL through concise explanations and practical demonstrations. The lessons are conducted using BigQuery and include illustrative drawings and spreadsheet examples to simplify complex concepts.

Practice: Here, you'll apply what you've learned by solving real exercises. Each exercise is thoroughly explained in the video tutorials, where Vlad demonstrates solutions using PostgreSQL.

Course Content

The course is structured to gradually build your skills, starting from basic introductions to SQL and BigQuery setup, to writing your first queries and understanding essential SQL concepts. As you progress, you will tackle more complex queries, learn about joining tables, and utilize SQL's powerful aggregation functions. Each theoretical segment is accompanied by practical exercises to reinforce the concepts discussed.

Key Topics Include:

  • Getting Started with SQL and BigQuery

  • Writing and Running Queries

  • Essential SQL Concepts and Basic Queries

  • Complex SQL Queries and Joining Tables

  • Advanced Aggregations and Window Functions

At the end of the course, you'll have a solid understanding of how to approach and solve challenging SQL problems, setting you up for success in analytics or any data-intensive field.

Watch the course on the YouTube channel (11-hour watch).