Linux is an open source, free operating system which is used by computers all over the world. It is especially popular for use in servers.

We just published a Linux crash course on the YouTube channel that will teach you the basics of this open source operating system.

Josh from KeepItTechie developed this course. Josh is committed to spreading the word about the various Linux Operating Systems and helping people learn how to use Linux for basic home and business use.

Linux is a clone of the UNIX operating system, so understanding one is understanding the other. In this course you will get a full understanding of how the Linux OS works.

You can follow along with this course on a Windows or Mac computer. You will learn how to easily install Linux using a virtual machine.

Here are the sections covered in this course:

  • Install Linux
  • Desktop Environment
  • Terminal
  • Working with Directories
  • Working with Files
  • Working with File Content
  • Linux File Structure
  • System Information
  • Networking
  • Linux Package Manager
  • Text Editor
  • Outro

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (3-hour watch).