Are you learning how to code in 2020?

Or are you already working as a developer but want to learn computer science fundamentals?

I'd like to invite you to join the CodeBookClub, a free virtual meetup for new and intermediate programmers. The club is gearing up to read a new book together--an intro to computer science book that focuses on teaching the basics of computer science and the programming language Python.

You may think of a book club as a group of people just reading and discussing a book together. However, our reading will include ongoing activities, challenges and community events that will keep us actively learning and creating.

Read on for more details!

Who is this meetup for?

  • People with no previous coding experience who’d like to get started with coding.
  • Self-taught developers who want to learn computer science fundamentals.
  • JavaScript developers interested in learning Python (and Scheme).

Why join this group?

freeCodeCamp founder Quincy Larson has said, “the worst way to learn to program is to learn alone.

When you’re learning alone, it’s easier to give up when you get stuck on a coding problem. Or you lose motivation because you had no one keeping you accountable to keep learning. This is where the club comes in!

Whether you're learning to code for the first time or already a developer, in this club we'll learn computer science fundamentals together, work through problems when we get stuck, and hold each other accountable to keep learning.

I currently work as a software developer, but 3 years ago I used online resources like freeCodeCamp to teach myself how to code.

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The one thing that helped me most was finding communities of people who were learning with me. Our book club is for developers of any experience level who would like to join us!

What will we be learning?

Our group will be reading Intro To Computing, an intro to computer science textbook written by Professor David Evans of Computer Science at the University of Virginia.

Cover of Intro To Computing.

The book is an introduction to several fundamentals in computer science that you've perhaps heard of but want to learn more about: algorithms, coding languages, data, interpreters, measuring cost, and more. If you'd like to view the table of contents of the book, you can do so here.

The book also introduces us to Python and (some Scheme) with coding exercises and homework assignments--so it’s not just a book focused on theory, but has many exercises throughout.

How do members participate?

Actively learning with other developers is what the club is all about. If you join our reading, you can choose to complete various activities each week such as completing coding exercises from the book with other members of the club, answering discussion questions, or blogging or Tweeting about what you're learning. For more details on how you can participate:

Intro To Computing Book Club
Intro To Computing Book Club Full book: (free) Discord: Site w/ slides, exercises, solutions and extra resources:…

We'll also set up some live Zoom calls where we meet on a video call to discuss the book and our coding exercises.

Our other reading group (currently reading the 'You Don't Know JS' series) meets weekly on Zoom!

What is the cost of the book and club?

This book is 100% free and can be found here. The club is also free.

When does the reading start?

You should have read chapter 1 of the book by April 12th.

Here are more details on the club:

Intro To Computing Book Club
Intro To Computing Book Club Full book: (free) Discord: Site w/ slides, exercises, solutions and extra resources:…

If you'd like to join the club, sign up for our email list to be invited, get instructions on how to join the club and join us within 5 minutes. You'll also get updates on future readings and community events.

The club is 100% free, always.

If you have feedback or questions on this post, feel free to Tweet me @madisonkanna or follow the @CodeBookClub.