Swift is popular programming language that is often used for creating iOS apps.

We just released a full course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel that will teach you the Swift programming language.

Vandad Nahavandipoor teaches this course. He currently works as a lead iOS developer and he has created many other popular courses.

In this course you will learn every modern aspect of Swift as a programming language including, variables, constants, functions, structures, classes, protocols. extensions, asynchronous programming, generics and much more. This course will lay the foundation for learning Swift for those who are not familiar with Swift already.

Here are the sections in this course:

  • Variables
  • Operators
  • If and else
  • Functions
  • Closures
  • Structures
  • Enumerations
  • Classes
  • Protocols
  • Extensions
  • Generics
  • Optionals
  • Error Handling
  • Collections
  • Equality and Hashing
  • Custom Operators
  • Asynchronous Programming

Watch the full course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (7-hour watch).