In this guide, you'll learn to how to collect all 54 achievements and reach all six endings of the Learn to Code RPG.

According to the game's creator, Lynn Zheng,

Learn to Code RPG is an interactive visual novel game where you will teach yourself to code, make friends in the tech industry, and pursue your dream of becoming a developer. 🎯

If this is the first time you're hearing about this game, you can download it and play it first on your own.

And if you want to learn more about the game from Lynn herself, check out this introductory article.


Learn to Code RPG Story Milestones

These are the achievements that you get for sure by following the storyline.

3, 2, 1, Learn to Code! You'll get this achievement the first time you start working on the quizzes.

Got My First Interview! You get this achievement once your character goes through their first interview after completing the curriculum.

Got My First Offer! Once you receive your first job offer you get this achievement.

Gotta Crush Those Technical Interviews! Once you start preparing for the technical interviews you get this achievement.

Nailed the Curriculum! You unlock this achievement once you reach a CS Knowledge of 60 or more, enough to allow you to go to the next step.

Now Streaming: My Dream Dev Job You unlock this achievement once you accept an offer for a dev job.

Submitted My First Dev Job Application! When you submit your first job application, you get this achievement.

Learn to Code RPG Story Easter Eggs

You can unlock these special achievements mostly by making certain choices in the game, by employing some skill, or in some cases by pure chance.

Applied to CupcakeCPU Through a Recruiter: This achievement has the prerequisite of getting all the questions of the trivia quiz at the Hacker Space right. This will give you the opportunity to apply to CupcakeCPU.

Asked My Tech-Savvy Friends about Tech Buzzwords: Ask about one of the buzzwords you discovered by eavesdropping on people's conversations.

Barista Is My Undercover Identity for Collecting Buzzwords: You unlock this one during your first Barista shift.

Beat Up AI at Pong: beat the Pong AI to unlock this achievement.

Chill Beats to Code to: listen to music during one of your rest days.

Chill Beats to Smash Keyboard to: play the rythm game during one of your rest days.


Flunked All Quizzes in a Session: Get all questions in a session wrong.

Got Beaten Up by AI at Pong: lose at Pong.

Got a Nearly Perfect Score on ALL Music Tracks: Get above 95% for all tracks. See next achievements for details.

Got a Nearly Perfect Score on My Favorite Music Track: Get this achievement for reaching a score above 95%. For reference to reach 90% you need at least 3/4 of your scores to be perfects (100pt each) and 1/4 to be goods (60pt each).

Hanging Out at the Hacker Space: you get this achievement after hanging out at the Hacker Space for the first time.

I Might Get a Puppy Just So I Can Go to the Park: Go take a walk on one of your rest days.


Late-night Cookie Crunch: When confronted with all the certifications available in the freeCodeCamp curriculum, choose Quality Assurance and go grab a cookie.

Maxed Out ALL CS Knowledge Stats: Max out all of the CS Knowledge Stats.

Maxed Out One CS Knowledge Stat: Max out one of the CS Knowledge Stats.

Nailed All Quizzes in a Session: Get all quizzes in a session right.

Referred by a VIP Member: In the intro, after the disaster of an interview you are asked how you came across the opportunity. If you say you were referred by certain people, for example, me, you can get the achievement. (Fine, the complete list of names is Quincy, Lynn, Abbey, Estefania, Jessica, Oliver, Ilenia, Dionysia, Naomi, Yoko, Daniel, Beau.)

Rejected? Well, The First One Seldom Works Out: Be rejected by a job you applied to for the first time.

Rejected Again? I Thought Third Time Was the Charm: Be rejected by a job you applied to for the third time.

Set a New High Score in the Rhythm Game: available from the second time you play a song, just get a new high score!

Tech Buzzword Encyclopedia: collect all buzzwords at the coffee shop.

Tech Trivia Guru: Answer correctly to all questions in the Trivia quiz at the Hacker Space.

The Hacker Space Is My Second Home Now: Experience all events at Hacker Space.


This Job Needs Me to... ?: there are 6 achievements of this kind, related to job interviews. You could find job postings that have strange skill requirements, and finding those you unlock these achievements. The whole list of skill requirements is: Brew Coffee, Fix Fax Machines, Fuse Cables, Handle Angry Customers, Pacify Office Pets, and Retrieve Lost Passwords.

Travel in Time and SAVE the World: unlock one of the alternative endings (ones that are not getting a dev job) and then go back in time to continue playing.

You Can Never Be Too Careful with Prod: get a dev job, and once it's time to push your code to production, check your code again and again as many times as possible.

Quiz Question Easter Eggs

These are achievements that are unlocked by chance while you complete the quizzes. If you get one of the questions about freeCodeCamp right, you unlock one of these achievements.

  • Contribute to Open Source with freeCodeCamp!
  • Dr.
  • Hello, Earth to Code Radio!
  • The Launch of freeCodeCamp
  • The Mission of freeCodeCamp
  • The Tech Stack of freeCodeCamp
  • What inspired freeCodeCamp?
  • freeCodeCamp Has a Chat Server? Fancy!
  • freeCodeCamp Has a Forum? Neat!
  • freeCodeCamp Has a Mascot? Cute!

Alternative Learn to Code RPG Endings

These are the achievements you unlock by playing the six different endings. There's one you can get to easily just by following the main storylines – but the others are all about chance. There is a small chance of the event that unlocks the ending happening in certain moments.


Cat Who Codes: this ending involves Mint the cat, during the night you could be woken up by the cat doing something...
Coding It Forward
: during dinner you could have the chance to become a coding tutor, accept the offer to unlock this ending.
Dev Who Brought Down Prod on the First Day
: get a dev job and play till the end to unlock this one.
Just Another Day at the Office
: while going through job postings you could find one unrelated to coding, for an office job. Accept that job to unlock this ending.
Nature Lover at Heart
: each day of forced rest there is a small chance that the character may come to the conclusion that learning to code is too much and decide to do something different...
Now serving 0xc0ffee
: you could be offered a promotion at the Coffee Shop, accept it to unlock this ending.


This is the list of achievements for the release on December 22nd. I hope you can satisfy your completionist spirit with this guide. Have nice replays!

If you want to learn more about the game you can read the article Learn to Code RPG – A Visual Novel Video Game Where you Learn Computer Science Concepts from the game dev herself about the process of creating the game.