Learn the basics of Matplotlib in this crash course tutorial. Matplotlib is an amazing data visualization library for Python. You will also learn how to apply Matplotlib to real-world problems.

You can watch the full course here (90 minute watch).

Course Notes

šŸ”— Source Code

šŸ”— Matplotlib Pyplot Documentation

šŸ”— Font List

šŸ”— Matplotlib Style Options

šŸ”— Kaggle Data Link

How to Install libraries Needed for Matplotlib

Option 1: How to Install Matplotlib directly using pip install

  1. Open up a terminal window and type
  2. pip install matplotlib
  3. pip install numpy
  4. pip install pandas

Option 2: How to install Anaconda

Download Anaconda, which will contain all the packages we need. Here's a video tutorial that walks you through how to do this.

Again, you can watch the full course here (90 minute watch).