Certifications like the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals can help you advance in your career.

You can learn everything you need to know to earn the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Certification by completing this free 4-hour course that we just posted on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel.

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What is the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Certification?

The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification is a credential that certifies your understanding of the core capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform. It's aimed at developers beginning to work with Microsoft's suite of business analytics tools, and it verifies their ability to utilize these tools to drive business improvements.

The certification covers the following primary areas:

Understanding the business value of Power Platform: This involves understanding the value of Power Platform services, and their role in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. It covers Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents.

Understanding the core components of Power Platform: This includes understanding the function and capabilities of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. Also understanding Power Platform's extensibility and integration with other services and tools.

Demonstrating the business value of Power BI: Candidates need to be able to demonstrate how Power BI can bring data to life, how Power BI can provide data insights, and how Power BI can help organizations make informed business decisions.

Demonstrating the business value of Power Apps: This involves understanding how Power Apps can simplify app development, and how it can help organizations create custom solutions.

Demonstrating the business value of Power Automate: Candidates must demonstrate how Power Automate can boost productivity, reduce manual tasks, and automate business processes.

Demonstrating the business value of Power Virtual Agents: This includes understanding how Power Virtual Agents can enhance customer service, streamline common actions, and improve overall customer engagement.

Who is the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification for?

The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification is intended for people looking to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in using Microsoft Power Platform. This includes:

Beginners in IT: The certification is designed to be an entry-level credential, suitable for those with little to no prior experience in IT or Microsoft Power Platform. This makes it an ideal starting point if you're just beginning your IT career.

Non-Technical Professionals: This includes business analysts, data enthusiasts, and others who need to work with data, improve productivity, automate business processes, or create custom business applications but don't necessarily have a technical or programming background. The Power Platform offers a low-code or no-code approach that allows non-technical users to work effectively.

Technical Professionals: Even if you're a developer, data professional, or IT professional, this certification can be valuable. It provides recognition for your ability to work with the Power Platform and can help broaden your skillset, making you more valuable to your organization.

Students or Job Seekers: For those looking to break into the field of data analysis, business analysis, or IT in general, this certification can be a valuable addition to your resume, making you more attractive to potential employers.

Remember, although this is a fundamental certification, having a basic understanding of data processing and business value along with familiarity with the internet, cloud computing, and software as a service (SaaS) environments can be beneficial.

What are the topics covered in this course?

This video course covers all the topics you need to know to get certified. Here is what is covered:

☁️ Introduction

  • Exam Breakdown
  • Practice Exam Sample

☁️ Business value of Microsoft Power Platform services

  • What is Power Platform
  • Power Platform Features
  • Business value of Power Platform

☁️ Microsoft Power Platform value in extending business solutions

  • Power Platform apps with Dynamics 365 apps
  • Microsoft Power Platform with Microsoft 365 apps and services
  • How Power Platform apps work together
  • Power Platform solutions with Microsoft Teams
  • Power Platform using Microsoft Azure services

☁️ Microsoft Power Platform administration and security

  • Power Platform Security Model
  • Environments in Power Platform
  • Environments Permissions
  • Power Platform admin center
  • Microsoft 365 admin center

☁️ Microsoft Dataverse

  • Overview of Dataverse
  • Traditional Databases vs Microsoft Dataverse
  • Tables and columns in Dataverse
  • Relationships
  • Environments in Dataverse
  • Business Rules
  • Dataflows in Dataverse
  • Dataverse Connectors
  • Standard and Premium Connectors
  • Custom Connectors
  • Triggers and Actions

☁️ Capabilities of Power BI

  • Power BI
  • Parts of Power BI
  • Power BI Workspace
  • Datasets
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Dashboards vs Reports
  • Template Apps

☁️ Connect to and consume data

  • Data modeling and visualization
  • Types of visualization in Power BI
  • Custom Visuals
  • Filter data with Power BI and Slicers
  • Buttons in Power BI
  • Power Query Editor
  • Aggregate
  • Power BI Security and Administration

☁️ Build a basic dashboard using Power BI

  • Create an Account
  • Power BI Sample Report
  • Create a Report and Dashboard

☁️ Capabilities of Power Apps

  • Power Apps
  • Power Apps Portals
  • AI Builder
  • AI Builder in Power Apps
  • Functions in Power Apps

☁️ Canvas apps

  • Canvas Apps
  • Canvas Apps Basic Elements
  • Canvas Apps Demo

☁️ Model driven apps

  • Model driven apps
  • Model driven apps and canvas apps differences
  • Model driven app design phase
  • Building blocks on model driven apps
  • Business Logic
  • Dashboards in Power Apps
  • Model Driven App Template
  • Create a Model Driven App

☁️ Capabilities of Power Automate

  • Power Automate
  • Types of flows in Power Automate
  • Cloud flow templates
  • Actions and Triggers
  • Loops
  • Switch
  • Conditions
  • Expressions
  • Approvals
  • Use cases for Power Automate
  • Power Automate Apps
  • Actions for Power Automate desktop flow
  • Document ProcessingAI Builder in Power Automate

☁️ Build a basic cloud flow

  • Create an automated cloud flow

☁️ Complementary Microsoft Power Platform solutions

  • Power Virtual Agents
  • Power Virtual Agents Feature
  • Topics
  • Entities and Actions
  • Publishing
  • Add chatbot to Teams
  • Create a Topic
  • Power Pages
  • Power Pages capabilities
  • Power Pages templates
  • Integration with other Power Platform component

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