I work at Thinkific with 20+ other developers (we are hiring for multiple positions) in different codebases. GitHub is part of our toolkit, and I decided to write a post sharing a few Chrome extensions, integrations and third-party apps that help me be productive as an individual contributor and organized as code reviewer and team lead.

Chrome extensions

Refined GitHub

Sindre Sorhus' extension brings a massive list of improvements to the GitHub UI and many of them have become part of the product after a bit. GOAT. Many times a colleague came by my computer and say "Oh, GitHub changed this" but in fact it is a Refined GitHub improvement.

Better Pull Request for GitHub

This extension lists project files in a tree. This is quite useful when you have a big pull request and you need to go back and forth to understand better what is going on.


GitHub Hovercard

This extension shows info about a user, project, issue or commit. It is a cool UI trick like Facebook does. This extension even works for private repositories, as long as you have a valid token to grab the information of the service.


GitHub Repository Size

This extension automatically adds the repository size and individual files size.

File Icon for GitHub and GitLab

Not a lot to say here :)


Pull Panda

Pull Panda is an integration GitHub acquired a few months ago that they have added for free in the product. It is very handy because you can map GitHub users to Slack users and then get all the information inside Slack about the work they are following in Slack. Pull Panda delivers comments in PRS and even tells you about git conflicts (I love and hate this one).

Pull Panda can also spot bottlenecks, show who are the ones most pushing/reviewing code, and even automatically assign people to Pull Requests.

macOS apps


Gitify lives in your Mac menu bar and it is quite simple to understand. If the icon is green, you have a notification! It is also cool to mention that the app is open-source (Electron-based, if you are curious).


Quests is similar to Gitify but with one important difference: Quest also supports GitLab.


DevHub is a cross platform app (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux) that is similar to TweetDeck, but for GitHub. I am not a big fan of multiple column apps like TweetDeck, but it is important to mention that the app also runs as a menubar app like Gitify or Quest.

iOS apps


Githawk is my favourite iOS app for GitHub. It lists pull requests in a friendly way and I like how you can see the files affected in the PR and all conversations in place. If you need to take a look at a pull request when you are not in front of the computer, this app is for you!

GitHub for Mobile

By the time of this post (Nov/2019), GitHub is offering a beta version of iOS and Android apps. I have been using it for a few days in my iPhone X and my iPad Mini and my first impression of the app is very positive. It looks polished and gives you the main features you would expect in a mobile app.

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