The GitHub Foundations Certification was released just a few weeks ago. And you can now watch a 9-hour exam prep course on the YouTube channel!

Andrew Brown from ExamPro created this course. He has created a bunch of popular exam prep courses for the YouTube channel.

This certification is an excellent opportunity for professionals to showcase their proficiency in GitHub’s foundational concepts, collaboration techniques, and the array of functionalities offered by this platform.

The course is structured to offer an in-depth understanding of each area covered by the certification. Here's a glimpse of what you'll find in this comprehensive course:


The introductory part of our course provides a thorough grounding in GitHub's ecosystem, setting the stage for a deeper dive into its functionalities and uses. It begins by familiarizing learners with the fundamental aspects of GitHub, offering insights into the structure and essential topics of the GitHub Foundations Certification. Additionally, it sheds light on GitHub's unique initiative to acknowledge and honor noteworthy contributors within its community.

GitHub Basics

Covering everything from Version Control Systems to Git and GitHub differences, this section is a deep dive into the essentials. Learn about setting up multi-factor authentication, managing multiple accounts, and understanding the intricacies of repositories.

GitHub Development

Master the GitHub CLI and APIs, explore SDKs, and secure your connections with SSH keys. This module is hands-on with follow-along sessions for practical learning.

GitHub Desktop and Mobile

Understand the nuances of GitHub Desktop and Mobile, including notification management and feature comparisons.

GitHub Entities

Discover different account types, compare free and pro versions, and learn about organizational plans and enterprise deployment options.


From basic to extended syntax, this section helps you master Markdown, a crucial skill for effective documentation on GitHub.

GitHub User Profile

A detailed walkthrough of setting up and optimizing your GitHub user profile.

Understanding GitHub Repos

An extensive module on repository management, covering everything from README files to insights, including several follow-along sessions.

GitHub Issues and Pull Requests

Delve into the world of issues and pull requests, understanding their creation, management, and best practices.

GitHub Discussions, Notifications, Gists, Wiki, Pages

These sections offer comprehensive knowledge on GitHub's collaboration, communication, and content sharing features.

GitHub Actions, Copilot, Codespaces,

Focused on GitHub’s advanced tools like Actions, Copilot, and Codespaces, these modules are designed for those looking to leverage GitHub's full potential.

Open Source

Learn about open-source contributions, GitHub Sponsors, and the distinction between InnerSource and OpenSource.

Labels, Milestones, Projects

Master the art of organizing your work on GitHub with labels, milestones, and project management tools.

Authentication and Security

A critical module covering account security, access permissions, and organizational roles.

GitHub Administrator and Enterprise

Tailored for administrators, this section covers repo permissions, branch protection, and GitHub's advanced security features.

Book Your Exam

Final steps to book your certification exam, ensuring you're fully prepared.

This course will not only prepare you for the certification but also enhance your overall understanding and skills in using GitHub effectively. Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (9-hour watch).