If you're viewing this super secret page, I'm stoked to interview you on the freeCodeCamp Podcast. πŸ•οΈ

Some quick notes about my unconventional interview style:

I don't have any sponsors or any breaks in the conversation. I say the intro, introduce you, and we jump straight into the conversation.

I will happily share my prepared questions with you if you'd like. I won't necessarily ask these questions, but rather use them as part of the research process.

You don't need to worry about time. We can talk as long as feels right. You don't need to worry about succinctly answering questions. My audience is in no hurry, and is cool with long answers and even tangents.

I don't edit these conversations unless absolutely necessary (if someone has a coughing fit, the internet goes out, someone accidentally breaks an NDA or says something they don't want on tape).

If there's anything you don't want to talk about for privacy / job related reasons, no worries. Please just tell this to me before we start recording.

Checklist for recording day

  • Wear headphones
  • Use a decent mic. Apple headphones / airpods are fine
  • Use a camera that can record at least 720p. It should be pointed directly at your face where you can look into it, preferably within 3 feet of your face so you appear the same size as I do.
  • Please have a background behind you that you can show, even if it's just a green screen backdrop. No fake backgrounds please.
  • Send me an email / Twitter DM with any links you'd like me to include in the shownotes.
  • We'll meet on Google Meet first (link will be on the calendar invite). And then we'll move over to Riverside to record.

That's it. I'm excited to interview you and share your insights with the global developer community.