Today on the freeCodeCamp Podcast, I interview Benjamin Dunphy, founder of many San Francisco Tech Conferences including Reactathon.

Ben studied international relations and had a short career in finance. Among other things, he co-authored a bill that eventually got passed in his state of New Hampshire.

But Ben saw the writing on the wall – that technology was becoming one of the most powerful ways to affect change. He learned to code and moved to San Francisco, where he and I first met back in 2013.

He built Real World React – a series of evening events and corporate training programs – and ultimately helped launched conferences like Reactathon and JAMstack conf. And now he's helping run the upcoming AI Engineer Summit.

I talk with Ben about his journey into tech and the lessons he's learned along the way. And if you're considering creating a tech event in your city, boy has Ben got some tips for you.

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Links from our talk: