On this week's podcast, I interview Kevin Miller. He's a senior developer and host of the Coder Conversations YouTube channel.

Kevin studied accounting in Texas and worked overnight for 7 years at hotels, making only $11 an hour. But his knowledge of spreadsheets lead to him learning more about programming and automation.

After spending a year living with his parents and teaching himself to code full time, Kevin landed his first developer job. He immediately tripled his income.

Kevin has since worked as a dev at several Fortune 500 companies. But it's been a bumpy ride. He's been laid off 3 times due to mergers and employers just running out of money.

He started Coder Conversations as a way for him and fellow developers to talk about technology and share career advice. He now has 200 episodes.

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Me with Kevin at the Frisco Public Library

Coder Conversations on YouTube

Kevin on LinkedIn