freeCodeCamp just published a major upgrade to our Scientific Computing with Python certification. You can now learn Python coding fundamentals by building 15 projects – right in your browser.

Here's a full list of the 15 projects you'll build:

  1. Learn String Manipulation by Building a Cipher
  2. Learn How to Work with Numbers and Strings by Implementing the Luhn Algorithm
  3. Learn Lambda Functions by Building a Expense Tracker
  4. Learn Python List Comprehensions by Building a Case Converter Program
  5. Learn Regular Expressions by Building a Password Generator
  6. Learn Algorithm Design by Building the Shortest Path Algorithm
  7. Learn Recursion by Solving the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle
  8. Learn Data Structures by Building the Merge Sort Algorithm
  9. Learn Classes and Objects by Building a Sudoku Solver
  10. Learn Tree Traversal by Building a Binary Search Tree
  11. Certification Project: Arithmetic Formatter
  12. Certification Project: Time Calculator
  13. Certification Project: Budget App
  14. Certification Project: Polygon Area Calculator
  15. Certification Project: Probability Calculator

This represents more than 500 coding challenges. And the 5 certification projects will involve building sophisticated projects that pass dozens of automated tests.

Solving the classic Tower of Hanoi computer science problem in Python, step-by-step and right in your browser.

Lightning fast code compilation

freeCodeCamp has been hard at work on getting Python to run smoothly in the browser. The result is buttery-smooth execution. No waiting for a server somewhere to run your Python code and send the results back to you.

If you enjoy the sub-millisecond test results you get from freeCodeCamp's JavaScript challenges, you're going to love this snappy new Python experience.

You can start coding in Python on the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

This is only the beginning

We'll be working throughout 2024 and 2025 to make all of our other certifications completely project-oriented, and get them running smoothly in the browser.

You can get involved in our open source efforts by becoming a volunteer in the freeCodeCamp community.

And if you want to help us speed up development of our Python certifications and the many other initiatives we have underway, you should become a monthly supporter of our charity.

Happy Python coding. 🐍🏕️