This week the teacher who founded freeCodeCamp, Quincy Larson, went on a rare public interview with popular open source podcast The Changelog.

During the one-hour interview, open source enthusiasts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo reflected on freeCodeCamp's accomplishments over the past 7 years.

They asked Quincy questions about a wide variety of topics, including:

Adam used the expression "Nonprofit Unicorn", which comes from an essay by serial entrepreneur Darrell Silver, who is donating $150,000 to freeCodeCamp to help freeCodeCamp build a variety of new Data Science certifications.

You can listen to the full podcast for free here (1 hour listen):

The Changelog 431: Leading a non-profit unicorn – Listen on

And after that, if you want to learn more about The Changelog, Quincy interviewed both Adam and Jerod 2 years ago in celebration of The Changelog's 10 year anniversary.