When should you use a SQL database and when should you use a NoSQL database?

We just published a course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel that will teach you the differences between NoSQL and SQL databases as well as when and why to use each kind of database.

Ania Kubow developed this course. Ania is one of the most popular tutorial creators on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel.

In this course, you are going to go back to basics to learn what exactly a database management system (DBMS) is and how it's defined. You are then going to learn database design and why it's important as well as what a database management system is.

You'll then learn about relational databases followed by a SQL crash course. You will learn about non-relational databases and then learn the pros and cons of using relational databases versus non-relational databases. Finally, you will learn some use cases followed by a NoSQL crash course.

Here are the sections in this course:

  • What actually is a database
  • What is a database management system
  • Demo: Creating a database
  • Common Database Models
  • Relational databases
  • SQL
  • Non-relational databases
  • Pros and Cons: Comparing RDBMS and NoSQL
  • Wide Column Database
  • Document Database
  • Key-Value Database
  • Multi-Model Databases
  • Use cases: When to use RDBMS or NoSQL

Watch the full course below or on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (1.5-hour watch).