The freeCodeCamp community has thousands of volunteer contributors around the world.

And thanks to generous donations from more than 7,000 people each month, our nonprofit also has the budget for a few staff members. These people work on the codebase, curriculum, and extra-curricular learning resources.

All of these people started off as volunteer contributors and gradually worked their way up over the years. If you are interested in becoming a contributor as well, here's how to get started contributing to freeCodeCamp.

Here are the people who make up freeCodeCamp's staff.

Abbey Rennemeyer from Portland, Oregon, USA (@abbeyrenn)

After training to be an archaeologist and working in business development, Abbey discovered freeCodeCamp. She volunteered her skills by helping edit hundreds of tutorials. She then joined our staff in 2018. She now oversees freeCodeCamp's publication and social media. She also authors a lot of her own tutorials for the publication.

Ahmad Abdolsaheb from Istanbul, Turkey (@Abdolsaheb)

Ahmad is a software engineer, product designer, and data analyst at freeCodeCamp. He loves math, color theory, and information architecture. When he isn't working, he enjoys drawing, reading, strength training, and learning German.

Ania Kubow from London, UK (@ania_kubow)

Ania Kubow is a software developer and course creator on YouTube. She loves to teach code by building retro video games. She was born in Poland. Before she moved to the UK, she grew up in the UAE, Thailand, and Singapore.

Beau Carnes from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (@beaucarnes)

Beau worked as a special education teacher for years at schools around Michigan. He now runs the freeCodeCamp community YouTube channel and creates courses. When he's not helping to advance's mission, he enjoys taking his sons on adventures, playing board games, juggling, and making robot toy videos on his personal channel.

Bolaji Ayodeji from Lokoja, Kogi, Nigeria (@iambolajiayo)

Bolaji is a software engineer and author. He's passionate about sharing knowledge, documentation, web engineering, Jamstack, headless commerce, communities, and free open source software (FOSS). Bolaji is still in university, and contributes to freeCodeCamp as his studies allow.

Chanin Nantasenamat from Bangkok, Thailand (@thedataprof)

Chanin grew up in Los Angeles and Irvine, California and later moved to Thailand. As an Associate Professor of Bioinformatics, he teaches and conducts research in computational drug discovery. In his spare time, he runs 2 YouTube channels called the (1) Data Professor and the (2) Coding Professor where he creates tutorials on data science, bioinformatics and coding. He enjoys music, movies, travel and spending time with his family.

Dillion Megida from Kogi, Nigeria (@iamdillion)

Dillion is a prolific developer and technical writer. He is passionate about user experience design and web accessibility. He loves learning and teaching on topics around web technologies, concepts and best practices.

Dionysia Lemonaki from Athens, Greece (@deniselemonaki)

Dionysia is a developer focusing on frontend technologies. She writes articles for the freeCodeCamp publication. Her aim is to help others and give back to the community that has helped her on her own coding journey as a self-taught developer. She enjoys reading, going for walks in nature, and being owned by her cat.

Edward Pratowski from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (@EPratowski)

Edward is a curriculum developer at freeCodeCamp. He is a teacher who writes code for side projects. He enjoys music, puzzle games, and spending time with his family.

Estefania Cassingena Navone from Valencia, Venezuela (@EstefaniaCassN)

Estefania is a developer and online instructor. She writes articles in English and Spanish for freeCodeCamp's publication, and she creates video courses for our YouTube channel. Estefania started volunteering for freeCodeCamp by writing articles for the publication. She created the first-ever video course we published on our Spanish YouTube channel. In her free time, she enjoys learning and watching movies.

Ilenia Magoni from Bologna, Italy (@ieahleen)

Ilenia is a graduate student finishing up her Master's in Chemistry. She is interested in environmental issues and technology, and in making the world a better place. She has contributed to the freeCodeCamp community as a moderator since summer 2019, and she is now part of our staff, focused mainly on authoring tutorials.

Jason Dsouza from Bengaluru (Bangalore), India (@jasmcaus)

Jason is a developer and researcher focused primarily on human-centered AI. He has created a number of courses for the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel, and is helping develop the upcoming Data Science and Math curriculum expansion. In his free time, he occasionally enjoys programming compilers and reading books about Russian history – in Russian.

Jessica Wilkins from Los Angeles, California, USA (@codergirl1991)

Jessica is a developer and experienced teacher. She creates tutorials for freeCodeCamp's publication and helps learners on the forum. Jessica is also an accomplished Oboe player and has performed in a variety of ensembles across the US, Canada, China, and South Africa. She runs her own online sheet music company, JDW Sheet Music.

Kris Koishigawa from Daegu, South Korea (@kriskoishigawa)

Kris grew up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He always dreamed of traveling. After graduating, he moved to Daegu, South Korea, to teach English. Soon he found freeCodeCamp and learned to program. Currently, he splits his time between software development and authoring tutorials for freeCodeCamp's publication.

Kylie Ying from Boston, Massachusetts, USA (@kylieyying)

Kylie is a current computer science grad student at MIT, working on research in the domain of machine learning and particle physics. She has a YouTube channel focused on programming tutorials and projects, and is passionate about teaching code and inspiring people to pursue STEM. In her free time, she enjoys figure skating, hockey, sunsets, dogs, and poker.

Miya Liu from Chengdu, Sichuan, China (@miyaliu666)

Miya oversees the global Chinese-speaking freeCodeCamp community and the Chinese localization effort. She enjoys reading, walking, cooking, and meeting with freeCodeCamp contributors around the world.

Mrugesh Mohapatra from Bengaluru, India (@raisedadead)

Before he joined freeCodeCamp, Mrugesh studied computer science and worked as a software engineer at several multinational tech companies. He oversees much of freeCodeCamp's server infrastructure and DevOps tasks. In his spare time, he enjoys photography.

Nicholas Carrigan from Vancouver, Washington, USA (@nhcarrigan)

Nicholas is a web developer focusing on the MEAN stack. He has a deep love of TypeScript. In his free time he enjoys building chat bots, contributing to open source, and playing video games.

Niraj Nandish from Dubai, UAE (@DrSilverFox2311)

Niraj is a 3rd year IT student. He is a long-time contributor to freeCodeCamp. He is building an updated version of the freeCodeCamp Android app. In his free time, he either reading a good novel or geeking out on a sci-fi movie/shows.

Tom Mondloch from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA (@moTness)

Tom joined freeCodeCamp as a student and completed the curriculum. He started frequently contributing to the open source codebase. Years later, we invited him to join our staff. His current focus is on curriculum design and development. He also enjoys fishing and hockey.

Oliver Eyton-Williams from Brussels, Belgium

Before Oliver became a prolific contributor to freeCodeCamp's open source codebase, he earned his Ph.D. in particle physics and worked as a scientist. As a software engineer, he focuses on improving freeCodeCamp's curriculum and infrastructure. In his free time he plays too many games. Typically ones involving cards, boards, or computers.

Quincy Larson from Dallas, Texas, USA (@ossia)

Quincy worked as a teacher and a school director for a decade before learning to code at hackathons and makerspaces around California. He enjoys reading history books, taking his kids to the park, and trying to teach anyone who will listen to him.

Rafael D. Hernandez from Los Angeles, California, USA (@rafaeldavish)

Rafael is a father, husband, and web developer. He contributes to the codebase and oversees freeCodeCamp's efforts to translate our curriculum and thousands of tutorials into Spanish. In his free time, he enjoys playing the drums and guitar.

Veronica Stork from Tivoli, New York, USA (@veewren)

Veronica is a writer and cat lady. She has a deep love of books and of learning. She likes to program in React.