Tezos is a blockchain network that distinguishes itself through a unique self-amending ledger, allowing it to upgrade without the need for hard forks—an approach that promotes continuity and reduces division within the community. Tezos aims to address some of the fundamental hurdles encountered by earlier blockchain systems, such as scalability, governance, and upgradeability. The platform operates on a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which not only enhances energy efficiency but also enables stakeholders to participate actively in the governance process through "baking," where they validate transactions and add them to the blockchain.

We just posted a comprehensive 12-hour course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel that is designed to provide an introduction to blockchain technology with a focus on the Tezos ecosystem. It covers everything from the basics of blockchain technology to more advanced topics such as smart contract development and dApp deployment. The only perquisites are a basic understanding of Python. This course was made possible by a grant from Tezos Foundation back in 2022.

What Makes Tezos Unique?

Tezos supports smart contracts and provides a robust platform for developing decentralized applications (dApps), making it a strong competitor in a landscape dominated by other players like Ethereum. One of the key features of Tezos is its on-chain governance process, where proposed amendments to the protocol can be submitted by developers and voted on by token holders. This democratic approach ensures that the future direction of the network reflects the preferences of its community, helping to prevent contentious forks and ensuring a stable and predictable evolution of the platform.

Course Overview

Here are some of the key sections included in this massive course:

  • Introduction to Blockchain and Tezos: Understand the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology and how Tezos differentiates itself from other blockchain platforms.

  • Setting Up a Tezos Wallet: Learn about the different types of wallets available for Tezos, how to set them up, and how to secure your assets.

  • Smart Contracts on Tezos: Dive deep into writing and deploying smart contracts. Explore the Tezos-specific languages like Michelson and SmartPy, and learn how to use them to create functional and secure contracts.

  • Developing Decentralized Applications: Gain hands-on experience developing dApps on Tezos, understanding the architecture, and connecting the frontend with the Tezos blockchain backend.

  • Governance and Upgrades: Learn about the governance process that allows Tezos to evolve smoothly over time, and how you can participate in this process as a developer or a stakeholder.

This course will help you deepen your understanding of blockchain technology and develop the skills necessary to build innovative solutions on Tezos. With its hands-on approach, the course not only teaches theoretical knowledge but also provides practical skills and real-world applications. By the end of this course, you will be proficient in navigating the Tezos ecosystem, developing your own smart contracts, and contributing to the platform’s evolution.

Watch the full course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (12-hour watch).