For years, people have asked me when we were going to add The Odin Project to freeCodeCamp like we have with other open source programming resources like Project Euler and Rosetta Code.

Well, today I'm excited to announce that freeCodeCamp is bringing the legendary open source Odin Project curriculum to the browser with our new interactive version.

The Odin Project was created back 2013 by my friend and freeCodeCamp supporter Erik Trautman. Over the years, an open source community has sprung up to maintain and expand Erik's project.

freeCodeCamp has expanded upon the open source curriculum to make it run interactively in the browser, with tests to evaluate your code and ensure you've understood key concepts.

A screenshot of the freeCodeCamp version of The Odin Project

You can try the freeCodeCamp version of The Odin Project here.

Here's the full list of sections that are currently live

  1. Learn HTML Foundations
  2. Working with Text
  3. Links and Images
  4. Project: Build a Recipe Page Project
  5. Learn CSS Foundations
  6. CSS Foundations Exercises
  7. Learn CSS Specificity
  8. Learn the Box Model
  9. Learn the difference between Block and Inline
  10. Introduction to Flexbox

Coming Soon in 2024: even more Odin Project goodness

And we're just getting started. We're working to port all of The Odin Project's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript lessons to freeCodeCamp and make them interactive in the browser.

Like everything else freeCodeCamp does, all of this is open source, and our hope is that the code we write can be imported into the official Odin Project website as well.

If you want the original experience of configuring all of The Odin Project to run on your local computer, you can check out the original Odin Project on The Odin Project website.

A huge thanks to The Odin Project community for continuing to maintain this valuable learning resource for developers all around the world.