Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool that is often used for UI design.

We just published a 10-hour Figma course that will teach you how to use the tool for UI design.

Joseph Brendan developed this course. Joseph is a great instructor who has taught thousands of people on his YouTube channel.

Figma looks like this.

Here are all the sections covered in this comprehensive course:

  • Creating a Figma Account
  • Creating & Naming a Figma Design File
  • Creating Shapes in Figma
  • Selection in Figma  
  • Editing Shapes in Figma
  • Introduction to Typography in Figma
  • Design Tree in Figma
  • First Design Task
  • Colors in Figma
  • Drawing Tools in Figma
  • Margin and Padding in UI UX Design
  • Figma AutoLayout
  • Formatting Principles in Figma
  • Figma Constraints and Resizing
  • Website Design in Figma
  • Jakob's Principle Of Design
  • Introduction to Styles and components
  • Figma Component Variants
  • Layout Design & Configuration For Websites in Figma
  • Layout Grids in Figma
  • Introduction to Responsive Design
  • Material Design Guide
  • Introduction to Tailwind UI
  • Tailwind UI Design Project
  • Responsive Landing Page Design Project
  • Designing Mobile Apps
  • Iconography in Figma
  • Boolean Groups
  • Figma Tokens
  • Animation in Figma With Figmotion
  • Mobile Design Project

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (10-hour watch).