Sure you can learn about database systems from a random YouTube video. Or you can learn about them from a professor at one of the top ranked universities in the world.

We've released a 25-hour course on database systems taught by Professor Immanuel Trummer, PhD. He is an assistant professor for computer science at Cornell University.

This is an introduction to relational and non-relational database management systems. You will learn how to query database systems via languages such as SQL (the structured query language). Then, you will see how database systems work internally, how they store and index data, how they process and optimize queries, and how they process transactions while providing guarantees such as isolation, atomicity, and durability (ACID guarantees).

The course addresses questions of database design and discusses novel approaches to data management via NoSQL or NewSQL systems. Finally, the course will teach about graph, stream, and spatial data, and about systems that are specialized for those data types.

The lectures are from the Fall 2020 online lecture at Cornell by Prof. Trummer.

Here are the sections in this comprehensive course:

  • The Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Storing and Indexing Data
  • Relational Data Processing
  • Transaction Processing
  • Database Design
  • Distributed Data Processing
  • Beyond Relational Data

You can watch the course for free on the YouTube channel. The course is so massive that it had to be broken up into two videos. Click here to watch the first part or start watching below.